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Church of Christ

About us

Brighton Church
Of Christ

We are a vibrant and significant Church in the Adelaide beachside suburb of Brighton.

Since its establishment in the 1950’s, Brighton Church of Christ has had a long, proud and effective history of service to the Brighton community. We have worked in supportive and constructive ways with other Churches in our area.

Who Are We

We are a Church which in recent years, has experienced a significant resurgence, both in terms of Sunday attendances and the level of service and support being offered to the local community.

Once a Church with a high proportion of seniors in its ranks, today our Church Family reflects a much wider age range and everyone is highly valued and appreciated for who they are.

Our denominational affiliation is with Churches of Christ, a mainline Protestant movement with representation in many countries around the world.



Our Mission for God revolves around these three words. We communicate the Christian message in the hope people will Believe. We then invite people to Belong, to become part of our community; encouraging them to increasingly Become people of faith, hope and love.